Shop Policy

No returns, refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. All Sales are considered final. Gear will be repaired as warranted if gear shows proper care and damage is due to a manufacturing failure. Damage due to unsafe or improper use, lack of care, or other acts not in keeping with the designs of the products violates any warranty claim.

Hand made items crafted by Wolfstryker Leather are backed with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. This includes issues such as failed seams, an internal issue with the leather causing a failure, hardware failure, etc. As stated above damage caused by improper use, storage, or other acts (such as wearing your leather into a pool, not keeping it properly cleaned/conditioned, storing colored leather next to darker leathers which might allow for dye transfer over time) are not covered.

Furthermore some specialty hides are not covered by our lifetime warranty. This includes hides such as patent leather, metallic leathers, or specialty print leathers in which the design/color on the leather's surface is due to a superficial print or surface applied to the leather rather than an intrinsic dye/color that has been infused into the leather. (For example 'Patent" leather has a layer of high gloss plastic that has been glued to the leather surface for that highly reflective finish. Metallic leathers have a layer of foil that has been heat bonded to the surface of the leather which can flake off with time or successive bending/stretching of the leather, and custom designs that are "printed" on a leather surface can also flake off or peel off over time. Such leathers/finishes are not covered by our lifetime guarantee). 

Lastly, while we attempt to deliver custom orders within a timely period of 6-8 weeks, circumstances such as current volume of orders (all items are made on a first-come-first served basis), availability of materials, manufacturing delays, and other issues may cause the delivery of orders to be delayed. As such a longer than expected delivery time frame is not considered grounds for a refund of custom orders as part of all custom purchases goes immediately towards materials costs which are often non-refundable to us. If custom items are needed by a particular date please inform our artists at time-of-purchase to help ensure delivery of your order by then. 

Neoprene gear through our Pupskins line has a 30 day warranty for repair/replacement due to any manufacturing defects. This includes issues such as a seam coming apart, hardware failing, or an internal flaw to the neoprene causing a tear/failure. Neoprene is an intrinsically less durable material than leather and may wear out quicker with constant use/abuse as compared to an equivalent leather item. Items past the 30 day manufacturer's warranty may still be repaired based on our artist's assessment the potential damage for a nominal fee.

Items available through 3rd party manufacturers are subject to a 30 day repair/replacement warranty. This includes 'off-the-rack' leather items from our partners at Otter and The Fox or pre-packaged items such as our selection of personal Lubricants or Wyffrs. Circumstances that may warrant a repair, replacement, or exchange include situations where an off-the-rack item is the wrong size (which would require the return of the original item), an item arrives damaged and needs to be replaced, or there is a manufacturer error on an off-the-rack item such as a snap coming apart or seam splitting. Other circumstances not listed may warrant a repair/replacement of the purchase, but those will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the Management of Wolfstryker Leather LLC. In all cases we will also attempt to repair/replace the item, as all sales are final and non-refundable.